From: Faye Hurley Sent: Wednesday, February 6, 2019 6:49:26 PM

Wow, this was an incredibly powerful experience! Sue made me feel so safe and relaxed; and despite me being a novice to this type of therapy, I still felt my energy shift instantly during the treatment, and I had a very profound healing experience.
Since then, I've gone on to make some very strong decisions and take huge actions in my life and business, such as raising my prices and taking better care of my body; which has resulted in me gaining my highest ever paying 1:1 coaching clients, and feeling more self confident and energised. I've also noticed that I manage my time much better, and allow a lot of time for self care, without an ounce of guilt!
Sue goes above and beyond in her work, and has given me a plethora of valuable tailor made information about the best foods, essential oils and crystals for me and my individual issues. She is my go-to energy worker because she is highly knowledgable and gifted, and I will always recommend (only) her to my family, friends and clients!




From: Kirsty Sebastiani , May 26th 2019

 I had the Indian head massage and it was absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked in I was relaxed. Sue was so welcoming, warm and friendly and the treatment she performed was just perfect. I haven’t felt that relaxed in a very long time and will definitely be booking in again soon!